Italian Handmade Skis

Ski CORVO line by Franco
I am a ski instructor and coach for 42 years and had the dream to build my own ski for many years, after having participated in the tests of all ski brands.

The idea is to build a ski with the same ski materials that are used in the World Cup, which means we use the best woods, edges and bases with geometries that can be used by everyone. This ski is a high-performance ski for those who like to ride extremely carved turns with high maneuverability.

The ski is offered in various lengths, radius and measures

Test Skis available at Dorsaz Sport in Zermatt

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New binding CORVO


Different pressure:

Spring 12, 14 o 16

New for 2020/21:

TERRAIN 175cm or 185cm

The Ultimate Ski für every Terrain and all snowconditions , with 100mm under the binding ideal for everybody, who wants to ski everywhere


SL 135 Junior

Slalomski for the little racers

Läength 135 cm

Ideal for kids who train in the ski club

RC 147 Junior

Giant Slalom Ski for racers

Length 147 cm

Training and races

SL 155 Women

A Ski coming from Slalom. 

Shape with a radius of 11 meters

Loves short turns and carving - Ideal for steep hills.

Snowconditions hard - compact

Perfect for Women

SL 165 Men

Ski that comes from Slalom

Shape radius 13.5 meters

Prefers short turns, ideal for men that love to ski narrow turns, carving and steep hills.

Snowconditions hard - compact

RC 171

A Race carve Ski with shape radius 15 meters.

Perfect for women with a good technic and for light men.

Ski for extrem turns with short and medium radius.

Snowconditions compact - hard

RC 176

Ski Race Carve with shape radius 18 meters.

For men with a good technique who love extrem carving with medium or wide radius.

Steep slopes mit compact to hard snow conditions.

RC 181

Ski Race Carve with shape radius 21 meters.

A High Performance Ski orientated at Giant Slalom.

Who wants to be challenged in a GS or simply loves to carve with high speed.

Ideal for hard to compact snow conditions


163 R15 - 170 R18 - 180 R20 m

This All Mountain Ski comes in 3 lengths with different radius

A Ski for each terrain On Piste and Off Piste.

You will love its versatility from Carving on hard slopes to trying the powder Off Piste. Pure fun on not groomed slopes with loose snow and bumps


171 - 179 - 187

A Ski of generous dimensions with 10,7 cm under the foot and rocker tip.

Born for powder snow this ski will surprise you with its stability in carved turns on the slope.

For unforgettable powder days


179 cm or 190 cm

THE Big Ski with 12 cm under the foot. Made for snow masses like in Canada. Ski with a wide platform, that does not only like to draw wide turns but also loves to jump.

Be careful...